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Dragon War

Dragon War Steelwings Optical-Switch Keyboard - GK-010

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Model: GK-010
Brand: Dragon War
Optical Switch25% faster than traditional mechanical switchSix Color Back Light IlluminationSmartph.... View More
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Optical Switch
25% faster than traditional mechanical switch
Six Color Back Light Illumination
Smartphone Stand Design
N-KEY Rollover

Dragon War's Optical-Switch is about 25% faster than traditional mechanical switch
Dragon War Optical keyboard delivers performance, quality and reliability?Xand are the choice of some of the world's top esports athletes.
2 retractable cell phone holders at the top of the keyboard

Taking personalization to the next level, you can now illuminate the keyboard just the way you want. It allowing you to have a six colors and 12 pattern backlight moded for an impressive displays that's as unique as your play style.

Press all the buttons. Multi-key input means complex moves can be executed exactly right every time. With N-Key rollover, press any number of keys plus modifier keys (Control, Alt, Shift) in any order and get exactly what you intended.

Color: Black
Dragon War Optical Switch
Delicated Multi Media Function
LED Lighting Effect
2 Cell Phone holders
Cable Length: 1.8m
Dimension: 124 x 67 x 39 mm
Interface: USB

Package Contents:
Dragon War GK-010 Gaming Keyboard
User Manual

System Requirements:
PC with USB Port
Operating System: Windows 10/ Windows 8/ Windows 7/ Window Vista/ Window XP