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Electric Drift Scooter - DB106

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Model: DB106
Brand: Unbranded
Scooter Drift, 36 Volt, Bluetooth, 3 Speeds, Multi-Color36 Volt, 250 Watt3 speeds, Horn, Blu.... View More
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Scooter Drift, 36 Volt, Bluetooth, 3 Speeds, Multi-Color

36 Volt, 250 Watt

3 speeds, Horn, Bluetooth

2 led light in front, Multicolored laser light under seat

2 Springs under seat, the seat is full colored front and back

Helmet with knee and elbow pads

Electric drift scooter allows children to sit comfortably in their development stage. Use a unique lean steering method to be more natural, develop, and meet the skills of young children. Electric drift scooter also helps develop their key balance and coordination skills. Use Stealth to drift, spin and slide on the track to master complete control for the best thrills.

Scooter Drift , 36 Volt , 3 Speeds , Multi Color Details

Smart drifting electric scooter With Safety design, Safe start switch, press to accelerate, release without power, safer with the brakes

The steel pedal has anti-slip teeth to prevent the feet from slipping, and foldable for easy storage

The front wheel is thicker and thicker, and the high-elastic solid explosion-proof rubber wheel is wear-resistant and durable

Product description

product Description: 3 wheel electric scooter for kids can drift, rotate and slide on the track to master complete control for the best thrills. At the heart of 3 wheel electric scooter is an electric motor that keeps the machine running for a long time. The large front wheels are designed to grip and spring under seat to absorb rough bumps, while the rear wheels are rotatable for 360° rotating tricycles. It feels like a real racer in a racing bucket seat. Specifications: USB bluetooth, LED light, Load speaker, character flag, power key(on/off), power motor 250 w, adjustable chair and length, shock absorbtion, three accerelations, cover(ABS+PC), graet horn, and brake handlebar. It's easy to make people feel that you can't see it in all black stealth, but because of its headlights, you will have the brightest beautiful 3 wheel electric scooter in the vicinity. 

Physical Features

Enjoy riding your scooter and get the amazing experience of the rider.

Charging time 2-3 hours , playing time in full battery 2 hours or maximum range 14-20km depends if the light is on or off

Max Safe Speed: upto 20 KM/H

Features :

Color : Multi color

Targeted Group : Unisex

category : Powered Riding Toys

Recommended Age : 6 Years & Up and up to 50 Kg

Motor : 250 Watt

Battery size : 36 lithium

3 Speeds

Rotation degree : 360



Key switches